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What sets us apart from the rest?

We guide you throughout the entire process. From the free initial evaluation to your graduation day in the United States and even after.

We have a team of first level professionals to optimize your performance. Nutritionist, personal trainer and sport psychologists, all of them from Spanish La Liga clubs.

After graduating from college, thanks to our agreements with professional clubs in the United States, your ticket to elite football will be closer.

University Soccer is a young and innovative company, which in turn has experts in the sector with vast experience. A company that, every day, tries to bring more benefits for its players

Specializing in soccer/football only.

University Soccer, a diferencia de otras empresas que abarcan todos los deportes, está especializada única y exclusivamente en becas de fútbol. En nuestro equipo se cuenta con jugadores de fútbol profesional y jugadores que han pasado por el sistema de fútbol universitario americano además de entrenadores de fútbol titulados.

We work with you thorughout the entire process.

University Soccer has a different approach, not only to take you to America, but to succeed there. We know from our own experience what it is to undertake this adventure, and we know from our own experience what we would have liked to have but was not available to us. It is not enough that you have the possibility of a sport scholarship, but we want you to succeed there, we want the best of/for you. That is why, for example, our personal trainer and our nutritionist start working with you months before your arrival at the new destination.

Psychologist, personal trainer and nutritionist at your disposal

University Soccer finds the best version of you. That's why we put at your disposal a sports psychologist, a nutritionist and a personal trainer who work in clubs of La Liga, to help reach the highes level both on and off the field and ensure you enjoy your experience at 100%. Unique services in the sector.

We have agreements with professional American clubs, through which we guarantee that, every year, several of our players have opportunities to sign for such teams. The selected players will have a one-week trial in the clubs opening the opportunity to play at the professional level.

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