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Scholarships, budgets and templates for a college football team

En Estados Unidos hay más de 800 universidades con equipo de fútbol masculino y más de 850 con equipo femenino entre la NCAA (D1, D2), NAIA, y NJCAA que ofrecen becas de fútbol para que puedas forma parte de su equipo/universidad. Aquí puedes saber los mejores equipos de fútbol universitario masculino en Estados Unidos.
Depending on the type of league (NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA), the limit of full scholarships available per team is different, finding differences also between male and female teams. In addition, each college decides whether to allocate the maximum number of scholarships available for its football teams or a smaller amount, depending on the importance the college places on the football team.

NCAA D19.914
NCAA D299.9
Number of football scholarships allowed by the various agencies and divisions

Here is a graph of the total number of scholarships available for each team depending on the division. As we were saying, just because 9.9 full scholarships are allowed in any NCAA D1 men's program, it does not mean that all universities allocate the 9.9 allowed scholarships to that team. Each university decides how much to invest per team and then it is up to the coach to manage the total number of scholarships by distributing that amount of scholarships among his available players in order to get as balanced a squad as possible. Thus, the figure of the coach and the use of his budget plays a crucial role in building a balanced and good level team.

As you can tell from the graph, getting a football scholarship in the United States is easier in the NJCAA than in the NCAA. Therefore, starting at a Junior College (NJCAA) and then transferring to an NCAA or NAIA college can also be a very good option. We, at University Soccer, will inform you of all your options and help you get there.

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