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Tormenta FC, from USL, new partner with University Soccer

University Soccer He will have ties to professional football, to make it easier for his soccer players to access elite football when they graduate from college.

We can say, officially, that we have reached an agreement with Tormenta FC, from USL One, for a collaboration with University Soccer.
This news will have a significant impact on the sporting future of our footballers, as it opens the possibility of continuing to play at the professional level, once the university stage.
In the agreement reached, University Soccer is guaranteed to have a minimum of one player each year by testing with the first team of Tormenta FC for a period of one week, with the possibility of signing by the club if both club and player want it.
The good relations that exist on both sides leave the doors open for us to carry several players a year, as well as being able to nourish players to the second team of the Tormenta FC.
As we said, the first team of Tormenta FC plays in the USL One, which is the third highest category of the country, at the professional level, having its subsidiary in the USL Two, where Tormenta FC emerged champion of its division during the summer of 2018.

Tormenta FC is one of the clubs that has evolved most in American football, as it should be remembered that its history began in 2015 and plan to have a new stadium built by the end of 2019 (see photo). In addition, they are one of the few teams that will compete in USL with two teams both professional (USL One) and semi-professional (USL two).

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