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University Soccer Close a collaboration agreement with the Foundation Aspiras

University Soccer closes a collaboration agreement with the Aspiras Foundation

It is a pleasure to start the year announcing a new collaboration agreement, in this case with Aspiras Foundation.

Aspires foundation is a non-governmental organization based in the Dominican Republic, which has been using football as a tool to raise awareness, educate and train children in low-income communities since August of 2016.
Its vision, which is very similar to ours, is that social and economic constraints should not prevent young people from dreaming and working for a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Some facts about Aspiras:
– Works and sponsors 20 clubs from 10 provinces in the Dominican Republic.
– Has agreements with organizations from three U.S. universities: Indiana University, Western Michigan University and Columbia University.
– Has several professional footballers as ambassadors.
– Donates more than 5,000 items such as balls, boots, uniforms, nets, goals, notebooks and school supplies to their sponsored clubs.
– Organizes the Aspiras Cup where more than 3,000 children from the Dominican Republic have been able to enjoy football competitions.

With this alliance, Aspiras Foundation and University Soccer They want to provide all the young people they work with, the opportunity to use their academic and sporting skills to continue their careers in the American University system.
You can get more information about Aspiras Foundation on their website: www.aspirasfoundation.org

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