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And a year later...

About a year ago an idea was born. A project. He was bornUniversity Soccer. We had high expectations for this new adventure, mainly to help as many young footballers as possible to have a life-changing experience. And we say this because we have lived it first-hand and we know what we are talking about. There are many people involved in this team with the sole objective of being able to say to our players: we have the ideal university for you.
That's our satisfaction. To help you choose the university, to be in touch with you, to tell us that you already have the plane tickets to start your adventure, to know what your first feelings are when you arrive at your destination, to know your experiences in and out of the field (while you visit cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Denver...), to share your sports achievements in your lecture and, finally, to be able to see the pictures of your graduation where you leave smiling with your new diploma. We enjoy growing up, and we have no greater satisfaction than that.

It is because of all this and many other things, that in this new decade that has begun, we will continue to be this excited to offer the best service we can. Because watching you grow up is very nice, but it's even nicer if you do it with a ball between your feet...

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