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Becas de fútbol en Estados Unidos con University Soccer

Somos una agencia de becas deportivas de fútbol masculino y femenino en Estados Unidos

¿Por qué becas de fútbol universitario en USA con University Soccer?

We specialize only in soccer.

We work with you before and after you get your scholarship, and before and after you arrive in the United States.

We provide you with a psychologist, a personal trainer and a nutritionist, all of them professionals from clubs of La Liga .

We have agreements with professional American teams, that will give you the opportunity of signing a professional contract.

We are part of the organizationcommon goal, and that is why we donate 1% of our annual income to social causes.

Todo sobre las becas universitarias de soccer en Estados Unidos para españoles, mexicanos, argentinos, uruguayos y cualquier país del mundo.

Becas para chicos y chicas en USA

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Becas universitarias de soccer en USA

Every year hundreds of young people win football scholarships in the USA. Football remains the most popular sport on the planet and it is in Europe, the birthplace of football, where most young people are interested in obtaining a sports scholarship.

Obtaining football scholarships in the United States is an option for new talents who want to continue growing athletically and academically. Currently, there are many who have had rewarding experiences thanks to this system of aid.
How can you access an athletic scholarship in the USA? What are the steps to get them? What advice will you find in Spain? In this article you will get the answers to all these questions.

El atractivo de las becas de fútbol en EE.UU. para extranjeros

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Football scholarships in the USA have become very popular because they have always been a leader in promoting the sport and their culture places a high value on the sport.

American universities strive to promote national and foreign talent. Let's remember that football is a sport that is growing exponentially in North America, and that it is a sport that is much more deeply rooted in European areas.

That is why US universities are keen to offer scholarships to talented young players from Spain and other countries. The hope is that they will bring experience and achievements to the national game.

Football scholarships in the United States are attractive because of the great benefits they represent. In addition to being able to grow as a football player, those who win one of these scholarships will be able to graduate in the career of their choice in one of the most outstanding universities.

The sports facilities at these educational institutions are of a high standard; and the training sessions are aimed at developing both male and female professional football players.

If you have football skills, like to train hard and also want to graduate from a prestigious university, then a scholarship from one of these universities could be for you. Now let's see what profile you need to get these grants.

What profile do you need to have to apply for an athletic scholarship in the United States?

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Of course, you need to meet a certain profile to get football scholarships in the USA. As these are sports scholarships, the first thing is that you have the skills for "the beautiful game". Most scholarship recipients have been training for years and are sure that they want to grow as a footballer. However, you must not only like it or be good at it, but also be actively involved in a club.

Of course, your academic knowledge is also important. American universities give scholarships to students with athletic talents, so your grades in your final years of study, before you apply for the scholarship, carry some weight.

One thing that is undoubtedly part of the profile of a football scholarship student is their command of English. If your scholarship is approved, you must move to another country and adapt to another culture and language, without affecting your skills, sporting and academic talents. All universities do their part to make the adaptation easier and quicker.

Those who decide to apply must be enthusiastic, disciplined and responsible young people who are committed to acclimatisation and adhere to set training schedules. This is essential as, once your scholarship is approved, you must combine your studies with your training.

¿Cómo conseguir una beca de fútbol en Estados Unidos?

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We come to the practical part of your scholarship process. Basically, it is a matter that requires patience and perseverance, and making the right moves to achieve the desired goal. The process is as follows:

  • First of all, fill in the contact form.
  • If you meet the requirements, you will become a member of University Soccer.
  • We produced a football and academic profile, together with a video presentation.
  • We will help you with the administration, preparation and presentation of the SAT and TOEFL exams (if necessary, depending on the case).
  • We will send your profile to football coaches at US universities.

Finally, we will be immersed in the process of admission and enrolment at the university that will grant you the scholarship, as well as the paperwork and visa processing.

Steps you need to take to get a football scholarship in the USA

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The first thing you should do is make an effort to prepare a good CV, which should include videos of your best matches. These should be recorded with the highest quality, as this will be what the universities where you apply for the scholarship will see.

A good CV means your academic qualifications, the higher they are, the better your chances are for better universities and fuller scholarships.

The TOEFL exam is a type of exam that measures the level of comprehension, mental agility and command of English. Regarding the SAT exam, it is necessary to take it when you are not a Spanish university student, or when you are not planning to take the Selectividad. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare for it from the first year of baccalaureate.

Contacting coaches is the most time-consuming; there are some 1,500 universities in the US that offer scholarship schemes. And the final step is perhaps the most difficult because of the paperwork involved, enrolment and visa procedures.

Football scholarship assistance in the USA

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The high academic and sporting standards offered by American universities make them almost inaccessible due to the costs involved. For this reason, getting sports scholarships is the most viable option to get into these universities.

Currently in Spain, there are some people who are related to the world of football and have been concerned about helping young people interested in getting football scholarships in the United States. They have created agencies to provide advice and help young people to achieve these scholarships.

At University Soccerwe share the dream of many young Spanish football players. We are committed to the development of these talents in the academic and sporting areas by offering them the opportunity to obtain football scholarships in the United States.

Our project is created by footballers and for footballers, this is perhaps a value that makes us unique. Without underestimating the work of others, ours stands out because we are dedicated exclusively to football. This allows us to get the best scholarship opportunities in this sport area.

All the staff at UniversitySoccer, from nutritionists, coaches and psychologists, are specialists in this sport. They are prepared to look after the physical and mental state of the young athletes.

The advantages it offers you University Soccer

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The vision we have at University Soccer makes us unique as a scholarship agency in the United States. Our pilot project has always been and will always be to get young people to become professionals in this sport, without forgetting the academic part.

The objective is to give you the opportunity to grow in the best universities in the United States. For this purpose, we provide a team of football professionals who will help you throughout the process; among these we have players and coaches who have participated in American university leagues, as well as professionals who have graduated from universities in the USA.

Another advantage of University Socceris the personal bond it creates with each player. It's not just about getting a sports scholarship, we provide personalised support. We are with you throughout the entire process and continue to accompany you after your arrival in the United States.

Our personal interest in each individual player also includes his or her family. Choosing the most suitable university according to the needs and budget of each individual family is important to us.

Other great reasons to trust us:

  • We deal exclusively with football scholarships, which allows us to focus 100% and specialise our services.
  • We offer academic and sports preparation before and after the scholarship.
  • We are an agency made up of a team of professionals, we are footballers providing a service to young footballers.
  • We are part of the organisation Common GoalWe are committed to social causes, donating 1% of our annual income.

What is the process like?

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The first thing you should do when contacting University Soccer is an assessment to find out if you are eligible for a soccer scholarship in the United States. This assessment is completely free of charge and is done through our website.

After the personal interview with the athlete, the process of preparation and pre-selection of players will begin. Finally, the file is sent to the universities according to aptitude.

It is now up to the university coaches to choose how the young person fits into the team. Thus, University Soccer acts as a first filter to make sure that the selection is correct and that you get the football scholarship according to your conditions and preferences.

We offer you all the advice and help you need during your preparation for the SAT and TOEFL exams. Registration and bureaucracy required to enter the university that has selected you and we also help you with the visa procedures.

Plans to choose from in University Soccer

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Our agency adapts to the needs and budget of each individual family. For this reason we have two service plans or programmes:

  • Programme Wembley
  • Maracana Programme

Both services offer the same advantages in terms of support and advice during the scholarship application process. And access to the benefits of the team's medical staff, psychologists and coaches. In other words, the team of professionals at La Liga.

The only difference is that the Maracana plan is more comprehensive. It includes a visit to the university in the United States before accepting the scholarship and free university transfer if required. 

What are the benefits of football scholarships in the USA?

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The benefits of football scholarships in the United States are the main attraction for which hundreds of young people try to get one every year. Regardless of the sacrifices involved in getting one of these scholarships, most athletic talents focus on the benefits they bring.

Being able to pursue the career of your dreams and become a professional in the sport you love is one of the advantages of these grants. And depending on the type of scholarship you receive, you can cover the entire university course.

American universities are grouped into leagues, with the largest belonging to the NCAA and NAIA, which offer the greatest opportunity for full scholarships. But even universities belonging to smaller leagues such as the NJCAA have excellent benefits in their football scholarship schemes.

A brief list of its advantages

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The benefits of obtaining football scholarships in the USA can be summarised as follows:

  • Personal, academic and sporting growth at the highest level, simultaneously in one place.
  • Proficiency in English, the universal language par excellence.
  • Coverage of registration, accommodation and food expenses; in some cases up to 100%.
  • Opportunity to graduate from the best universities in the world.

El 2022 es el mejor año para conseguir becas de fútbol en Estados Unidos

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At University Soccerwe continue to be very enthusiastic about the project of creating better and better football scholarship options in the United States. We are convinced that this year is the best year to achieve our goals.

Every day more and more public and private companies are betting on giving a hand to young football talents who want to continue their development. We are determined to continue working on this great project and we are counting on young talents to achieve it.

In our multidisciplinary team we have as partners football players of the stature of Vero Boquete. A high level football player, with great experience in American competitions. We are sure that like her many others will join our agency, those who share our values.

La visión y misión de University Soccer en este año 2022 está enfocada en un solo objetivo: patrocinar las carreras de jóvenes talentos deportivos. Ayudarlos a conseguir sus sueños gracias a las becas de fútbol en Estados Unidos.


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