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Paulo Vazquez – Forward


Spring ’23: Coffeyville Community College

Fall ’22: Daytona State College

My two biggest passions are soccer and getting to know new places and cultures. This is the best opportunity to do these two things, and also to form myself academically and personally. My main objective is to play at the highest level possible and to get to know new places and lifestyles thanks to soccer.

Personal info

Full name: Paulo Vazquez

DOB: May 05, 2001

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 156 lbs

Country: Spain

Academic info

 High School Graduation: May 2019

Current Grade: Bachelor Business Administration (enrolled)

Estimated GPA: –


TOEFL/iELS Score: –

Athletic info

Current Club: Sofan SD

Current Division: 3 RFEF (highest amateur league)

Primary Position: Forward

Other Position(s): Winger, Attacking Midfielder

Strong Foot: Right

Additional info: U16 Region team. Top Scorer: U16 First Div & U19 Second Div. One year playing for Deportivo de La Coruña in U19 «Division de Honor» (U19 Highest)


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